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Shega Medical Solutions

Shega Medicine and Medical Equipment Import was formed in 2019 as a sole proprietor entity. Shega approached the Ethiopian market with a slogan “FOR THE BETTER HEALTHCARE’’ with a drive to improve the quality of healthcare by importing reputable products and providing state-of-the-art biomedical solutions. The company has its head office and manufacturing plant in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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To become the most preferred and transcending company in providing quality medical care products and services as a priority to satisfy the needs of its customers, employees and stakeholders.


Our mission is to create the opportunity to utilize effective Medical Care Products by making them accessible to health facilities in our country through importation, satisfying the ever-increasing market demand for these products.


The Company’s continued growth, profitability, and prosperity are linked to our employees’ ability to make decisions that are consistent with the company’s core values and ethical principles.

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Preventive Maintenance & Repair
Procurement and Installation
Upgrade Analog to Digital X-Ray
End-user Training