Shega Medical Solutions


SHEGA Empowers customers by delivering state-of-the-art biomedical engineering services so our customers can focus on their core business of diagnosing and treating patients. Our Services extend the life of Medical equipment so that health care providers can extend the lives of patients, increase equipment up-time and safety in operation, improve Patient triage efficiency. Equipment down-time and repair turnaround time is significantly reduced by performing Preventive Maintenance on a timely manner and leveraging highly-skilled and well-equipped field Service Engineers. We assist Healthcare institutions, new and existing, streamline acquisition, installation, end-user training, Preventive Maintenance & Repair of Biomedical equipment. With our Services, equipment the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced by helping our customers optimize biomedical Asset investment.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) & Repair​

PM is known to extend the longevity of Biomedical and Radiology Equipment as well as the lives it touches. Our PM & Repair service increase Return on Investment (RoI)and significantly reduce equipment down time.

Equipment Demand Assessment​

Whether you’re looking to open up a new Healthcare facility or diagnostic center, expand existing capability, our team conducts assessment of your needs and propose appropriate Biomedical equipment

Procurement And Installation Support​

Our Procurement support service helps our clients acquire the right equipment that can deliver great value for the buck. We also supervise the per-installation setup and Installation of equipment in line with vendor-defined guidelines and Ethiopian MoH guidelines.

End-User Training​

Effective and safe use of any Biomedical equipment can be achieved by maintaining well-trained service users. Our highly skilled team keep your Technologists and healthcare professionals empowered and well trained on-demand or on a scheduled basis.

What We Offer

Procurement & Installation
End-user Training & Service