Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Mammography


Core Features

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Mammography

Tomosynthesis(3D) Mammography System

Iso-centric Gantry

Tomosynthesis FPD 24x30cm(TFT)

8.0kW HFG

Tungsten(W) Target

Low Dose & High-Quality Image

Wide SID (660mm)

Automatic Sequential Positioning System


Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Mammography​

DBT (Digital Breast Tomosynthesis)

The X-ray tube moves on the breast and takes high-definition, high-resolution images with high contrast from various angles. The images are reconstructed in 3D to provide accurate information about the location and condition of the lesion.


HESTIA supports "Synthetic 2D" that generates 2D images only by tomography shooting without additional 2D shooting.

Voice / Visual guide

HESTIA tells patient the current status of diagnosis by voice guide and instruction screen.

Smart Compression Control

Smart Compression Control minimizes patient's pain and supports sturdy breast compression.

Automatic Decompression

For the patient's safety, HESTIA supports automatic decompression.

LED Status Indicator

HESTIA's LED lights gives its status in color to the operator in real time.

Dedicated Software

Dedicated Software "venus"

>> Powerful viewer optimized for Mammography's clinical workflow

>> Optimized image Acquisition & processing Workstation for HESTIA

>> Supports DICOM 3.0 and realizes PACS linkage

>> For the operator's convenience, HESTIA adopted Intuitive, highly visible user interface

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